Company valuation , a work of experts

Company valuation , a work of experts

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Company valuation , a work of experts

Properly valuing a company is key for all business owners. Moreover, this exercise is an essential step when considering a sale process. Allyum is your key partner to help establish a detailed and realistic assessment.

Understanding the difference between  value and price

Today, many players (auditors, accountants, banks) offer to estimate your company’s value. They generally use a classic method that consists  in discounting your business plan data at a relevant rate. However, this approach presents a major drawback: the lack of a clear vision of the market players which could eventually take over your company. It is not uncommon to see a theoretical enterprise value of 15 million euros resulting in a transaction worth half that amount.

It is therefore important to include in the valuation other parameters than the simple business plan: size of the company, strategic position, dependency on the founders, prices paid during recent transactions on similar companies....

Don't stop at the numbers 

Allyum, a specialist in mergers and acquisitions, is committed to valuing your company in the most realistic way. In other words, to value the company as closely as possible to the actual purchase price. Whether in the context of a business sale / acquisition or a shareholder restructuring, Allyum analyses in depth:

- Your strategic positioning

- Your market

- The distribution of your customers

- The strength of your brand etc.

Calculate the value of your company with our exclusive (and free) online tool

To get a quick estimate of your company’s value , Allyum offers you an easy and free online valuation tool. This tool will instantly give you a first valuation of your company. You are then free to contact Allyum to refine this approach and, perhaps, consider a sale.

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