Value your company online

Value your company online

Why valuing your company is important ?

For many reasons:

  • You want to divest and sell your company,
  • To carry out an equity funding,
  • To engage in a partnership...

You may also want to estimate the value of one of your competitors or partner in order to acquire it.

For a long time, valuation of companies have required many complex calculations that had to be performed by a financial expert.

However, thanks to 20 years of experience in business valuations, Allyum has developed the Allyum Valuation Score algorithm that allows you to instantly calculate a valuation estimate for your company.

This algorithm is based on market data provided by the largest financial analysis firms (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch) and has been validated by several years of research in corporate finance.

You can now, after answering a few questions about your business, receive a free valuation report. Take the test (with no additional commitment from your side).

The results of the Allyum Valuation Score are purely indicative and are not a substitute for the professional analysis of a financial expert. The valuation method developed by Allyum is a preliminary tool to estimate the value of a company. For further information please contact Allyum ( The data collected during the valuation exercise will remain confidential and will not be transmitted to third parties.