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Like most growing companies your ambitions can be delayed due to a lack of financing.

Each time you move to the next level, this means new investments, whether to ramp up production capacity, develop new markets or finance new research in order to improve your products or services. To sustain these ambitions, you may need a financial partner and you have an array of choice: VC funding, PE funding, family offices etc.

The value of expertise

Our expertise lies firstly in defining the precise conditions of the financing (amount, valuation, timing, structure etc.) and to set up a clear process to reach this objective. In a second phase we explore our large number of financial partners (over 200 Investment funds, 700 Professional investors, 30 Family offices) and approach the more suitable to sustain your ambition. We then take in charge the complex process of presenting your project and negotiate the deal.

The Process

  • 1

    Defining objectives and answers

    Valuation, amount to be raised
  • 2

    Presenting the project

    Prepare information material
  • 3

    Selecting investors

    Approach potential investors and present the project
  • 4

    Letter of intent

    Negotiate a non-binding offer
  • 5

    Due diligence

    Coordinate the audit phase
  • 6

    Final negotiation

    Negotiate the terms of the deal up to the closing of transaction

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