Allyum's "Bitcoin & cryptomonnaies" Conference (EN)

Allyum's "Bitcoin & cryptomonnaies" Conference (EN)

Discover the presentation of the book "Bitcoin & cryptomonnaies" written by Gilles Quoistiaux, journalist at Trends Tendances.

Cryptocurencies are at a turning point now. With bitcoin showing an incredible volatility while other cryptos having diificulties in maintaining their valuation and Facebook launching its Libra, the cryptocurrencies environment is definitely difficult to understand. 

Where is the market going? Are these currencies really an investment alternative? Should we consider cryptos as a dead man walking or as the next generation of currencies?

All these questions have been extensively answered in Gilles Quoistiaux (Trends Tendances) last book "Bitcoins & Cryptomonaies". Gilles will present his book and answer the audience's questions.

Definitely a tick to put in your agenda on September 26th @ Allyum offices.