Food & Beverage Q1 2018 Insights

Food & Beverage Q1 2018 Insights

Allyum’s industry expert, Martin DELÉPINE, gives his Q1 2018 insights on the F&B industry

“Deal volume within the F&B industry remains robust with approximatively 25 deals per quarter for Benelux and France and even if we can note a slight decrease in Q1 2018, the M&A activity level should be maintained for the rest of the year and it will be interesting to follow up the trend. As companies are obliged to adapt to consumer preferences, industry leaders acquire established companies to expand their product offerings.

M&A stay the most efficient manner to diversify quickly into a new market or simply to reinforce its presence on a core business and preserve market share in a highly competitive environment. Another interesting fact is the shift in M&A demand for agribusiness companies. This is due to a healthier global environment as well as the changing consumer taste, resulting in prioritizing health and well-being over the sometimes quick and cheap options.

As a result, trends that are set to be important throughout 2018 are the demand for healthy ingredients, complex flavour profiles and environmental sustainable offerings. Botanical flavours, ethnic offerings, science-based foods and the transparency and sustainability of these F&B products, are to be top of mind for the consumers.

Finally,  as the fierce competition for shelf space continues, home delivery will grow in demand as well. Technology has a great utility for the sector as the demand for online delivery and subscription food services will continue to grow. The consumer habits will take time to evolve but there is a huge market to address on the medium and long term and here again, M&A has for sure a role to play in this key trend.”

Martin DELÉPINE, Senior Manager

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